Global Beer Sales Down, Barry in Widness Blamed

The release of a report by the International Wine and Spirits Record (IWSR) revealed that global beer sales were down 1.8%. Overall, the global market for all alcoholic drinks shrank by 1.3% last year.

Despite a popular Euro 2016 football tournament, which seems to bring out the best beer drinkers, global beer sales contracted at a worrying rate. The International Wine and Spirits Record traced the decline down, partially at least, to Barry Bright, a tyre fitter from Widness.

Who is Barry Bright?

Before his employment at Tyres-4-Widness,  18-stone Barry would spend most of his day drinking and smoking. He claims he was a “20-a-day man” and that he “smoked a lot too”. On given an ultimatum by his then girlfriend, (now fiancee) Katie Haddock, Barry gave up drinking and smoking.  The result was three off licences, 2 microbreweries and a pub went out of business in his area.

Cider and Gin Consumption Higher

Although global Cider and Gin consumption increased, the decline in beer sales will worry big beer producers such as Budweiser and Heineken. With a world cup coming up in 2018, beer consumption is expected to increase. However, should England do the usual of barely progressing from the group stages, then beer consumption rapidly declines. The Brits love a beer and along with the Germans, who normally progress onto later rounds, make up the majority of beer drinkers.