Veteran Investor: Forget Investing and Take a Vacation

Scottish investor and executive of The Royal Bank of Scotland said Tuesday the global economy is tanking and there is no longer any reason to invest in anything. “Your funds will be better put to use by taking a cruise or going to a beach resort,” he said.

happy couple relax on a tropical sand beach

The new bear market is a sign the global financial system will disintegrate within months, a new report from the Planetary Association of Statistics said. It is falling at a faster rate than the time leading up to The Great Recession and at a rate analysts cannot identify.

“It’s the equivalent to the speed of light,” Riko Machenko, an independent investor and analyst said. “It’s going fast, but you just can’t identify the speed because nothing can go that fast.”

Sell stocks is the message. One thing’s for sure, stock holders are going to have money in their pockets. Perhaps the market is not where the money needs to be. Fancy cars, big hotels, escorts, and bigger cheeseburgers are perhaps where the money needs to go to jump start the world economy.