Starbucks to Launch “Bring Your Own Cup” Campaign

Starbucks has revealed that it will now require customers to have their own cups when they order at the counter, the international coffee store chain announced this week. The “Bring Your Own Cup,” or BYOC, campaign is set to launch in respond to the red cup controversy this past holiday season.

In October, Starbucks began using red cups to commemorate Christmas. Critics took it the wrong way, accusing the company of waging a war on the holiday. Also, the company said it, “will never recognize, or use symbols of a holiday ever again.”

A statement from executive said servers will absolutely, positively not serve anyone who does not present their own cup. Rumors are swirling Starbucks will implement rules as to color, size, and weight. It may also have the right to outright turn down customers at any time.

Starbucks refused any comment and won’t say on what day BYOC will begin.