BA Flight Chaos Sparks Pen and Paper Return

As the flight chaos at Heathrow and Gatwick entered a second day, BA implemented a ‘return to basics policy’ designed to end the flight delays.

The expensive computer systems which have been failing over the last few days, causing misery to thousands, will be dispensed in favour of the more traditional and more reliable, pen and paper.

Flight Chaos Leaves Bosses Scratching Their Heads


BA was hit by a worldwide computer system power failure over the weekend, causing cancellations and delays for thousands of passengers. Having exhausted Plan A – turning the system on and off again, BA technicians resorted to Plan B – turning the system on and off again. Plan C of shaking the mouse and giving the server “a bit of a whack” also failed, leaving BA bosses scratching their heads.

After a lengthy and expensive consultation with stakeholders, it was decided that BA should return to basics. Thus, pens and paper have been issued to all check in assistants with the aim of solving the crisis the old fashioned way. Currently Staff are taking down names and addresses and matching them with a printed excel file with the flight details on. The revolutionary method of ticking names off a list looks set to cut delays and cancellations.



It seems the ability to tick names off a list proved too much for some. Over 100 BA staff have been sent on emergency courses on how to use a pen and paper.  The move is designed to cut the flight chaos building up at Britain’s two largest airports. At this stage, it is not know when the systems will be fixed. However, the return to pen and paper is expected to ease the cancellations and delays by Tuesday.