New Culture Emerges in Wake of Financial Meltdown

The World Cultural Institute has identified a new culture that has formed in the wake of the global financial meltdown in 2008. A little known organization sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute, the WCI said these people are putting their savings into shaky banks in hopes of being paid back by the government.

Financial Meltdown

It has also suggested that all children know how to do is sew and mine. This comes from reports out of educational departments. A secret source close to the culture says people are readying themselves for “positive changes in labor laws”.

People have started whole communities where they drag around bags of gold. It’s getting hard to even carry around a weapon, sources admit. An unnamed benefactor of the institute said, “These people don’t even know why anything is happening. They don’t want to. The less they know, the less they think they can be hurt.”

On social media, it’s believed some cultural members are planning to meet in a remote Australian desert awaiting transport to Mars.