No Falling Aircraft or Tumbling Buildings as Brexit is Triggered

Well, Brexit is triggered and it’s been a full 24 hours since Britain’s Prime Minister Teresa May invoked Article 50, yet not a single plane has fallen from the skies.  As far as I am aware, not a single building has collapsed and the four horsemen of the apocalypse have not been since galloping through Westminster.  There appears to be relative law and order in the streets and I failed to spot a single zombie on the way to work this morning.  The end of civilisation has not been happened overnight. Bills still have to be paid and dogs have to be walked. The long short of it all, Brexit, so far, is not the disaster some wanted us to believe.

Brexit is triggered

There’s no doubt that Brexit has been divisive. The Great British public has not been this split since having to choose between Gareth Gates and Will Young on Pop Idol in 2002.  Despite a few limp protests, the UK public hasn’t descended into civil war. Ok, I may have lost a few ‘friends’ on Facebook and been muted a few times on Twitter, but overall I haven’t fallen out with anyone close over Brexit.

Gareth Gates Brexit

In the 9 months since the historic referendum, I have learned a lot. The ‘Remoaners’ will keep on moaning no matter what happens and the ‘Brexiteers’ will declare victory no matter what happens. For ‘Remoaners’ soaring GDP, full employment, reduction in trade deficit and oddly-shaped bananas will not cut it. Meanwhile, for the ‘Brexiteers’ 50% unemployment, eating our pets and having to spend our summer holidays in Bognor Regis by law, will still be regarded as a success.

What Happen’s Next Now Brexit is Triggered?


In truth, nobody really knows what is going to happen next after Brexit Day. As divorces go, this looks to be a messy one. No amicable splitting the CD collection in half here. Various EU officials have openly stated they want to make it hard for the UK. This is the bitter ex keeping hold of the puppy just to spite the other party.  The EU are effectively changing the Netflix password just because they can. Meanwhile, the UK are threatening to withhold security cooperation if they do not get a fair trade deal. The British PM telling Europe to choose between Jihadist’s or tax-breaks.

Brexit divorce

There are up to two more years of negotiations/ tit-for-tat arguments now that Brexit is triggered. A lot will happen and a lot will not happen. What is for certain is that the end of the world has not happened. The world is still turning and we are still no nearer to ending scaremonger politics

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