Pi Day Leads to Tech Worker Protest Against Donald Trump

Hundreds of protests spread across Silicon Valley on Tuesday amidst the favorite holiday of scientists and mathematicians across the country: Pi Day. Protests intensified in San Francisco on Tuesday as opposition against Donald Trump’s travel ban hit new heights.

Tech Stands Up, a non-profit group, organized the rally with employees and former employees in the tech field joining in on the protests.

Google (GOOGL), Facebook (FB) and Microsoft (MSFT) employees were at the protest among employees from numerous other tech companies. The protests were a sign to tech leaders to put pressure on President Donald Trump.

Trump signed a travel ban that caused many employees to be stuck outside of the country with no means to return to work. The families of employees were also barred from entering the country in many circumstances.

Tech companies are known for hiring the brightest minds in the world to work for their companies. Many of these employees come from key regions where Trump’s travel ban was implemented.

Hipmunk’s co-founder, Adam Goldstein encouraged tech workers across Silicon Valley to march during the protest to have their voices heard. Goldstein also encourage employees to leave their positions when companies do not do enough to force change among tech leaders.

Freshdesk’s president, Dilawar Syed, encouraged businesses to open new offices in key areas that voted for Trump, including the Rust Belt. Protesters who spoke at the event asked for several changes, including tech companies, to create “sanctuary campuses” for immigrants.

Another protester asked that the tech company executives stand up for all workers, not just highly-skilled immigrants.

Silicon Valley is known for their values of diversity and openness in the workplace. The protests remained peaceful on Tuesday.

Goldstein states it’s “far easier for executives to advocate for tax reform than it is for social justice because you don’t have to worry about losing customers.”