Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) Plummets as Mass Suspensions Leave Less Than 500 Users

One of the darlings of social media, Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) saw its stock plummet today after it was revealed that its suspension policy has left only a handful of users left.  The stock once valued at $69.00 per share, saw a massive nosedive following a mass suspension of accounts due to violations of its terms and conditions.


What started as a ban on suspected ‘alt-right’ accounts soon escalated into bans being enforced on all those that disagreed with CEO Jack Dorsey. It seems that free speech is important as long as the speech is agreeable to the owner of the platform the speech is on.

Wrong Opinions

Many people thought the Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) CEO went too far when he actually suspended himself in November of 2016. However, following a record number of complaints of offense being caused by people having the ‘wrong opinions’ has resulted in a mass purge of user accounts.

Most high profile accounts have been suspended including that of Pope Francis, whose account was suspended on the grounds of hate speech. Currently the most high profile accounts left on Twitter are those of ‘Saint’ Gary Lineker and Lily Allen. The songstress  is regarded by many (well, the 500 remaining Twitter users at least) as a modern day Joan of Arc for her compassion on the social media platform.


The crackdown on ‘wrong opinions’ meant millions of Twitter users woke up to find their accounts suspended. Although there are are social media platforms available, there has so far been no upsurge in usage of other platforms. Facebook which banned many ‘fake news‘ posts, has also seen a drop in users. However, MySpace did register 16 new users since the start of the year, so its not all doom and gloom in the world of social media.