Invest or Vote? That Is the Question

As the media airwaves flood with controversies and arguments on both sides of the political spectrum, investors may be more interested in money than actually voting, according to reports from several sources. “Investors may be your ultimate group of undecided voters,” Warren Buffet said in an unrelated statement.

Internal sources say that investors as undecideds is unknown territory. They don’t usually get vocal about elections. The question is, some say, would investors take a break from their money squandering to actually vote in the first place?

“No one is really sure,” an independent analyst said. “Our internal polling still suggests they could go either way. There could be a massive drop in the stock market if one candidate wins, but we can’t be sure until the election happens and the markets react.”

Another source said that rather than candidates being connected to Wall Street, it may be the other way around.

An anonymous software company denied claims it was developing an app that would let people vote and invest simultaneously.