Shock as Car Dealers Found to Be Less Than Honest

America was left in a state of shock this week after a CBS news report exposed car dealers selling defective used cars.

The news has rocked a profession which had previously been held in such high regard. Many in the US see car dealers as the barometer of American values. Car dealers themselves viewed as the ‘Mother Theresa’s of the sales professions’. Since Henry Ford’s Model T times, becoming a car dealer has involved a training that can only be likened to the process of Priesthood, just without the child abuse allegations.

The shock that some car dealers have been less than honest has rocked the nation. Up to eight million defective cars have been sold, which has led to at least two injuries in the US and a recent death in Canada. Currently, there is no law in place requiring car dealers to be honest or tell potential customers about recalls. However, the American public assumed the safety of the customer to be of the utmost importance to the car dealer who works mainly on a commission-only basis.

‘Honest’ Jon Thomas, owner of Thomas Autos in Chicago, said to our reporter “So we were economical with the truth and people died, what’s the problem?”. ‘Honest’ Jon then tried to sell the reporter a 1989 Dodge held together by sticky tape and cable clips.

Thankfully, despite the unexpected attention heaped on the ethics of car dealers, America can still be proud of the virtuous legal and real estate professions. These two noble professions have ethics and honesty that remain unchallenged, providing beacons of morality to others.

The question of the car dealer honesty comes at a time when the US is having an election to appoint the next president of the United States.  The US is famous worldwide for having such clean, ethical and honest presidential elections, with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump providing great role models to the American public when it comes to honesty.