FBI Turn to Harrow Market to Unlock iPhone?

Following reports the FBI have finally found a way to unlock the iPhone of San Bernadino terrorist Syed Farook, it has been revealed that the US government agency are turning to Mr Sunil Kumar’s and his ‘Fone4U’ market stall in Harrow Market to do the unlocking.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation have conducted a lengthy search for the best way to unlock the iPhone. This follows Apple Inc’s refusal to unlock the iPhone on the grounds of privacy. It is believed that the FBI were contacted by by Mr Kumar, a stall holder at Harrow Market for the last six years. Mr Kumar is believed to have offered his services to the government agency for free.

Mr Kumar, a resident of Harrow in North London, told InvestDailyNews.com ” When I heard about the plight of the FBI in trying to unlock the iPhone, I couldn’t believe it. I have been unlocking all types of phones for years now and my cousin Nihil can do it in just five minutes.”

Mr Kumar went on say ” We’ll do it for free and maybe the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be interested in some of our other phone accessories here at Fone4U”. Pointing to his stall Mr Kumar said “We are doing a lovely line of Spice Girls iPhone cases and can offer two for the price of one on Peppa Pig ringtones”

The FBI have so far refused to confirm Mr Kumar’s statement. A spokesperson for the FBI said yesterday ” We’ve never heard of Mr Kumar, Fone4U or Harrow Market”